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give $5 for the people.

Five on the Fifth

As a commitment to our greater collective and inspired by our friends at The Studio FORM, we will contribute $5 per class reservation to a local non-profit on the 5th of every month.

These organizations will be rotated on a quarterly basis so we can spread the love. #fiveonthefifth 

We intend to partner with local organizations and businesses as much as possible because we understand the impact of a purchase to a small business. 

We’re committed to practicing sustainability wherever possible and proud to offer Boxed Water in the studio as part of our commitment to a more sustainable footprint beyond our walls.

Current Community Partners


Houston Based NonProfit

Survive Her

Survive Her is an organization whose mission is to inspire, inform and empower women about breast cancer awareness and wellness through content, collaboration and conversation.

Houston Based NonProfit

Houston Food Bank

Around 1 million people in the 18 southeast Texas counties served by Houston Food Bank are considered food insecure, meaning they lack consistent access to enough nutritious food to fuel a healthy life. In order to address this issue, the Houston Food Bank distributes food and other essentials to those in need through a network of more than 1,800 community partners. 


Houston Based NonProfit

The Bee Community

The BEE Community opened its doors in the fall of 2018 offering an innovative work community that provides a sense of belonging and respect for adults of all ability levels.  The BEE Community collaborates with local experts to create quality goods to sell locally and online.  We believe that every individual is made in the image of God and therefore has dignity, worth, and the divine design to work and contribute.

Houston Based NonProfit

The Way Home Adoption

The Way Home Adoption provides adoption recruitment and matching services focused on older youth in foster care. We assist youth in care by working on individual cases with a child-centered approach. We collaborate with CPS and traditional Child Placement (adoption) Agencies by including their youth in our program. We support potential parents by giving them the opportunity to know youth so they can make an informed decision about adoption.


Houston Based NonProfit

Aids Foundation of Houston

AIDS Foundation Houston, Inc. (AFH) was founded in 1982 and was the first organization in Texas dedicated to HIV/AIDS prevention education and services, and over the past four decades has steadily evolved from a grass-roots community agency to a professionally managed human services organization that provides HIV prevention education and services along with numerous health and community services to adults, youth and their families that are living with HIV.

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